We are satisfied when our Customers are

Manufacturing and Design

We provide the best solutions for our customers with OEM and ODM

We offer OEM service for manufacturing by samples or technical drawings

We offer ODM design if you are not exactly sure about what is the technical matters

Training of Technology

Expertise and KNOW-HOW are essential for working with the machine and dies

We offer Training Program for customers who are building a production line with our machines

1D2B Heading Machine Working Flow

Delivery and Shipment

Every product passed the inspection by our quality control team before delivery

Packing Patters will be by the diverse products

Machines packed well ready for delivery

Customs declaration

Thanks to the years of experience

the declaration process will be without any delay

Shipment Route

It depends on the diverse products and request of our customers

Usually ocean vessel for machines, air cargo or air express for the forming dies

Customers outside China

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